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Title : Mortal Engines
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ISBN : 0826401317
ISBN13 : 978-0826401311
Format Type : Other Book
Language : Englisch, Polnisch
Publisher : Continuum Intl Pub Group Auflage Binding Damaged 1 April 1977
Number of Pages : 383 Pages
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Mortal Engines Reviews

  • Jason A. Newman
    2019-04-28 01:12

    Buy this book! And any book of Stanislaw Lem's you can get your hands on as well. He speaks of the human condition in his own unique way. His landscapes are vast, and his characters are more human than we know. Beautiful!!!!!!

  • D. Cloyce Smith
    2019-04-27 05:01

    The title of this assembly of stories is the translator's clever triple pun: an allusion to Othello, "mortal engines" are manmade, impermanent, and sometimes deadly machines--robots, to be exact. Included are all the tales from Lem's "Fables for Robots" and three other stories ("The Sanatorium of Dr. Vliperdius," "The Hunt," and "The Mask") that double the size of the book.The fables are like--well, fables. That is, the prose style resembles Aesop or Andersen ("Once there lived..."); the narrative recounts long-ago events; and each tale presents a message--or, at least, a lesson for us humans disguised as a moral for them robots. These eleven shorts recall Borges (or even Poe) at his most playful, but read in sequence they tend to become a tad formulaic (several robots are sent on a mission; each fails, but the last one succeeds). And if you're a lover of science jokes, these stories will be your playground; Lem packs references to chemistry, physics, geology, computer science, and electronics--often in the same sentence: "self-motes came from distant lands, like the two Automatts, vector-victors in a hundred battles, or like Prostheseus, constructionist par excellence, who never went anywhere without two spark absorbers, one black, the other silver; and there was Arbitron Cosmoski, all built of protocrystals and svelte as a spire...."If, like me, you prefer a little more story and a little less pun, you'll find that the gems of the book are the three bonus tracks. The last two, in particular, are among the best I've ever read by Lem, and have nothing in common with the fables other than the automaton theme. "The Hunt" is a rollicking adventure story featuring Lem's famous alter ego, Pirx the Pilot, on a mission to destroy a homicidal robot. "The Mask" may well be the best Lem story I've read: the haunting stream-of-consciousness of a robot who, like an otherworldly Tristram Shandy, narrates its own birth, consciousness, self-realization, metamorphosis, rebellion, and--above all--its futile pursuit of love. The opening pages have a deceptively languid pace, until the robot sheds its "mask" (in a surprisingly squeamish scene) and, during the ensuing chase, reveals its lethal assignment. These last stories are worth the price of the whole book.

  • Mariusz Jurgielewicz
    2019-04-22 03:59

    Trying to read it first time in English. Translator did great job.

  • siorka
    2019-05-08 02:05

    Lem is one of the greatest sci-fi writers in the world. A classic and a must-read for everyone who loves this genre.

  • None
    2019-05-02 01:10

    In the book Mortal Engines By Philip Reeve the main characters are Tom, Hester, and Katherine. This book takes place very far in the future where cities are put on wheels and actually eat each other for fuel and slaves. The process is known as Municipal Darwinism. In the early days life on the ground was hard and dangerous the plates were moving so the mayors put their cities on wheels. Now the plates are fine but Municipal Darwinism is still going on. In this book Tom was born in London, he has no friends, no parents, and is a third class apprentice in the guild of historians. He was sent down to do gutduty but finds his favorite historian in charge. Valentine. The prisoners from their last catch are captured and are about to be sent off when one of them suddenly takes a stab at Valentine. Tom quickly stops him but falls off the city with the assassin. He was stuck on the ground. Tom quickly discovers that Valentine was not the person he thought he was and that girl had a reason to try to kill him.The main problem is Hester and Tom getting to London and killing Valentine. While Tom and Hester struggle to survive on the ground Valentine is sent away on a "investigation to the hunting grounds". Katherine, Valentine's adopted daughter, is determined to find the truth about why her father keeps hiding something. She, Hester, and Tom all end up at the same place. The Anti-Tractionist League. My favorite part of the book was when Hester and Tom find Tunbridge Wheels. At first they think they have a stroke of good luck when they find it, but they figure how wrong they are. This is my favorite part because it shows how uncomfortable Tom is with people who are not from London. He says phrases like um... I don't know... and many others. I recommend this book for children because it is full of imagination and fantasy. It really is a great book. When I read it I couldn't put it down. It is sure to put you on the spot from the moment you start to the very last word. I give this book five stars because this book was so full of details and imagination it is impossible to give it anything other than that. The author is very talented and has got me to keep reading the series until the end.