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Title : Cosmic Tarot
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ISBN : 3905219409
ISBN13 : 978-3905219401
Format Type : E-Book
Language : Deutsch
Publisher : David Westnedge Ltd 2 Dezember 1998
Number of Pages : 287 Pages
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Cosmic Tarot Reviews

  • Uli Latsch
    2019-05-10 00:09

    Mein Cosmic Tarot ist seit vielen Jahren mein Lieblings-Deck, Deshalb hab es jetzt mit ganzem Herzen auch Freunden weiter verschenkt

  • None
    2019-04-28 00:59

    German artist Norbert Loesche has produced a set of creative and highly evocative images for this deck, which follows the same interpretative framework as the Crowley's Thoth deck. Although the images draw from several eras and cultures (some figures are patterned on modern icons, such as movie stars), they hold together in a kind of turn-of-the-century continental ambience. The faces on the cards show more personality than in just about any other deck. In addition, the artist has an excellent appreciation of the relation of Tarot to qabalah and astrology, so the deck is not superficial in the least.The book (by Jean Huets) reflects some careful study by the author of this particular deck, and is highly recommended, as the "common" Rider-Waite interpretations do not always fit well.This is an excellent first deck, because the artwork makes the ideas so accessible. It will also be rewarding to the serious Tarot student and reader, particular if your interest is in inward, spiritual work (the deck has a rather introspective focus, sometimes challenging or disturbing). It may be less suitable for reading for querents who expect an antique style and a fortune-telling slant.

  • None
    2019-05-03 02:01

    I've been using the Cosmic deck for about five years and I love them! I found the deck in a catalog, on a whim I bought it and has been love ever since! The deck is both magical, intense, intimidating, colorful, beautifully drawn and yet simple (for me that is). I love some the pictures of the characters bec. I compare them to real life people. For example, the Prince of Pentacles looks like Charles Bronson (even though he doesn't exhibit those characteristics), the 4 of Wands looks like Deanna Troi from Star Trek. I must warn you that the deck isn't for everyone (what deck is?), but for me it's very intense, which is why I love it. I look at the pictures and can see so much! When I have done readings I have received so many compliments over how beautiful and different this deck is. I have used the Rider deck and never felt the bond I feel w/this deck. I have to tell you, if you do buy this deck, YOU MUST BUY THE ACCOMPANYING BOOK! There are pictures and meanings that do not correspond to "regular" tarot cards, but then again, every deck is different. This is the only deck for me! I call them my "buddies!"

  • None
    2019-05-09 01:08

    This is a very beautiful deck by the German artist Norbert Losche. The people appear to be alive with expression, their thoughts captured; they intuitively convey the meanings of each card. The modern symbolism adds familiarity and accesibility to the reader. These archetyple images open up a vast reservoir of intuitive knowledge. The Minor Arcana cards are equally as inspiring as the Major Arcana thus the continuity is preserved. I have literally done hundreds of readings with this deck and I'll always use it and recommend it to those who are looking for new cards such as yourself. Very well worth the money! James A. Hamilton

  • Alexander Gottwald
    2019-05-05 22:44

    Dieses Deck des deutschen, laut Verlag in Aachen lebenden Künstlers Norbert Lösche war das erste Tarotdeck, das ich mir kaufte. Es spricht mich optisch einfach sehr an. Die Figuren auf den Karten wirken lebendig und sind z.T. realen Prominenten (Filmstars usw.) nachempfunden.Die Ausstrahlung der Karten vermittelt mir so etwas wie das Gefühl, in eine andere Welt einzutauchen und das ist die Zwiesprache mit dem eigenen Unbewussten über den Weg der Karten ja auch immer. Von daher finde ich es sehr passend, dass die Karten gleich einen Sog in die eigenen Tiefen hinein ausüben. Sie tun das allerdings auf eher neutrale Weise und sind nicht so symbolgeschwängert wie der bekannte Rider Waite oder so finster wie der Crowley-Harris Tarot.Wer also ein künstlerisch ansprechendes Deck sucht, bei dem die Karten eine ganz eigene lebendig kraftvolle Bildsprache entfalten, der ist mit dem Cosmic Tarot von Norbert Lösche sehr gut bedient.

  • None
    2019-05-23 00:59

    Would your idea of good fortune encompass things like a full voicemail box, or ending up as a dentist who actually pays off those student loans? A Waite-type deck, only even easier to interpret, with lots of additional material from a talented counselor. The descriptions of card combinations can launch you past fortunetelling by rote into new territory ...